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Church History

Where it began

The First Baptist Church of Woodstock was established on March 12, 1893, and its initial location at 65 Strickland Drive in Woodstock, Alabama, remains its home to this day. Reverend Rufus D. Burrows served as the first pastor. Later, on December 17, 1964, the church's name was changed to Woodstock Baptist Church. Originally affiliated with the Tuscaloosa Baptist Association, the church joined the Bibb Baptist Association in 1965. The congregation worshipped in the original building until a new sanctuary was constructed and dedicated on February 7, 1982, repurposing the old sanctuary as a fellowship hall.

However, on March 21, 1993, the church decided to legally revert its name back to The First Baptist Church of Woodstock. Then, on Easter Sunday, April 23, 2000, the congregation began attending worship services in the newly completed facilities located at 2473 Coldwater Road, situated just off Highway 5 in Woodstock.

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