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Youth Ministry

Serving Youth 7th -12th Grades

The Youth at FBCW are more than just a youth group - it’s a way of life. At FBCW, we care about what we do and strive to empower the lives of youth with a Christ driven program in the Woodstock and surrounding community for all age groups. We help shape our youth into young leaders of the future so they walk out of our doors prepared to take on whatever comes their way.

Class Groups

The Youth Ministry at First Baptist Church of Woodstock offers classes and programs for youth in middle school and high school, providing a space for them to grow spiritually, connect with their peers, and engage in meaningful activities. Here's a brief description of each age group:

1. 7th-8th Grade: This class is specifically designed for students in 7th and 8th grade. It aims to address the unique challenges and needs of early adolescence, providing a supportive and inclusive environment. The curriculum may cover relevant topics, explore biblical teachings, encourage discussions, and incorporate activities that help students develop their faith and navigate their teenage years.

2. 9th-12th Grade: This class is tailored for high school students in 9th through 12th grade. It focuses on providing a more mature and in-depth exploration of faith, biblical teachings, and Christian living. The curriculum may include in-depth Bible studies, discussions on relevant issues, discipleship opportunities, service projects, and mentoring relationships to help students deepen their faith and prepare them for adulthood.

The Youth Ministry at First Baptist Church of Woodstock also offers additional activities and events outside of the classroom setting. These may include youth retreats, missions trips, worship services, small group gatherings, community service projects, social events, and opportunities for leadership development. The goal is to create a supportive community where youth can build meaningful relationships, discover their purpose, and develop a strong faith foundation that will guide them into adulthood.

Words of Wisdom


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